Mr. Tim Marshall

BIGRAD  ROLE: PhD student, 'Radionuclide speciation during (abiotic) alterations of iron rich minerals in the chemically disturbed zone around a geological disposal facility'

AFFILIATION: University of Manchester, School of Earth Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

A. School of Earth Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, University of Manchester, Williamson Building, Manchester, M13 9PL

Worked as a Radioactive Waste Consultant for Serco Technical Consulting Services for four years after graduating from the University of Oxford with an undergraduate Masters degree in Earth Sciences in 2006. During my time at Serco I was working in their active laboratory facility at Risley undertaking batch sorption and solubility experiments, primarily for the NDA's Radioactive Waste Management Directive (RWMD, formerly Nirex) in support of the UK's radioactive waste disposal research programs. I have also worked on a number contaminated land related projects at various UK civil licensed sites.


Radionuclide transport and retardation from a deep geological disposal facility (GDF).