Dr. Nick D Bryan

BIGRAD  ROLE:  Co-Investigator

AFFILIATION: University of Manchester, Centre for Radiochemistry Research

A. Centre for Radiochemistry Research, School of Chemistry, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL
E. nick.bryan@manchester.ac.uk
P. +44 (0) 161 275 7793


Education: 1987 Degree - B.Sc. Chemistry; 1994 Ph.D under the supervision of Dr. Vin Robinson, Metal uptake by humic substances - A combined experimental and modelling study.

Career: 1994 - 1997 NERC funded PDRA, Colloidal Properties of Humic Substances and the effect of metal binding; 1997 - 1999 Joint European Commission and U.K. Environment Agency project studying the effect of humic substances upon the transport and migration of radionuclides, particularly the actinides, in the environment. In September 1999, I was appointed as a lecturer in the new Centre for Radiochemistry Research. I became Director of the Centre in October 2008. I am also Executive Director of the Nuclear FiRST Doctoral Training Centre, and the School of Chemistry Radiation Protection Supervisor. I am currently a member of the Governing Board of the European Union Actinide Science Network, ACTINET-I3. I am also involved in the FP7 European Union project Recosy and the EPSRC DIAMOND consortium.

The main research area of my group is Environmental Chemistry, and in particular, the interaction of radionuclides with natural systems. Current projects involve the study of the interaction of these elements with natural colloids, including humic substances. Colloids have a high affinity for many pollutants, and can act as a vector for their migration in the environment. Lab experiments are used to study sorption and desorption mechanisms, and are backed up by work involving real samples from the field. In addition, we study the colloidal properties of humic substances, for example, the determination of molecular size, molecular weight distributions and colloid zeta potentials. Other current work involves the study of the interaction of redox sensitive radionuclides, U, Tc, Np, and Pu, with natural and synthetic inorganic surfaces. Using data from laboratory experiments, mathematical models are developed, which are able to simulate the behaviour of radionuclides in the environment. These are used to make predictions about the probable extent of radionuclide migration, and hence, the environmental impact.

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