Dr Gareth T W Law

BIGRAD  ROLE:  Lecturer - Analytical Radiochemistry

AFFILIATION: University of Manchester, Centre for Radiochemistry Research (CRR)

A. CRR, The University of Manchester, School of Chemistry, Brunswick Street, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK
E. gareth.law@manchester.ac.uk
P. +44 (0)161 275 1428


Gareth moved to CRR after working as a PDRA on the BIGRAD project. He now maintains an advisory role in the project. Prior to coming to Manchester, Gareth completed a Post Doctoral Research Fellowship in Environmental Radiochemistry at the University of Leeds School of Earth and Environment. Prior to that he completed a PhD in Marine Geochemistry (The Open University / SAMS-UHI) and attained a 1st class Bsc. (hons) in Environmental Geoscience (The University of Edinburgh).


- Fundamental biogeochemistry of radiologically significant elements (e.g. Sr, Cs, Tc, U, Np, Pu) and metalloids in natural and engineered environments.

- Deep geological disposal of radioactive wastes and behaviour of radionuclides and associated contaminants (e.g., organics and toxic metals) during aging of geological disposal facilities.

- Microbially-mediated redox processes and their effects on radionuclide behaviour.

- Mineral alteration in GDF settings.

- In situ bioremediation technologies for radionuclides and other contaminants.

- Fate of radionuclides and other contaminants (e.g. toxic metals) in minerals relevant to waste disposal.

- Increasing public understanding of nuclear issues.