BIGRAD staff / students

The table below lists all of the Academic staff, Research staff, Technical/Admin staff, Postgraduate students, and affiliate partners associated with BIGRAD. 

Staff are organised according to their host institutes.  Clicking on the persons name (where available) will bring you to their personal web page.

The image to the left was taken at the 2012 BIGRAD conference which was held at BGS Keyworth, UK.

The University of Manchester
The University of Leeds
The University of Loughborough
The University of Sheffield
British Geological Survey
Academic and Research staff
Academic staff
Academic and Research staff
Academic and Research staff
Mr. Keith Bateman
Dr. Nick BryanDr. Andy Brown
Dr. Nick Evans
Dr. Maria Romero GonzalezDr. Chris Rochelle
Dr. Gareth LawProf. Rick Brydson
Dr. Mónica Felipe-SoteloDr. Steve ThorntonMr. Toni Milodowski
Prof. Francis LivensPostgraduate students

Dr. Xiaohui Chen
Prof. Jon LloydMs. Lizzy Moyce
 Dr. Ayman SeilmanNational Nuclear Labs
Prof. Katherine Morris

Dr. Joe Small
Dr. Sam Shaw

 Dr. Helen Steele (on sabbatical)
Dr. Pieter Bots 

Dr. Liam Abrahamsen
Dr. Thanos Rizoulis

Dr. Tony Stockdale

Diamond Light Source
Technical / Admin staff

Prof. Fred Mosselmans
Mr. Christopher Boothman   
Mrs. Katie Law   INE - Germany
Mr. Oliver Street   Prof. Melissa Denecke
Postgraduate students   
Mr. Kurt Smith   Associates
Mr. Adam Williamson 
 Dr. Neil Burton (Manchester)
Mr. Tim Marshall   Prof. Julia West (BGS)
Associate students    
Mr. Naji Bassil   Advisory Group
Ms. Sarah Smith   Dr. Achim Albrecht (ANDRA)
Mr. Michael Crouch   Dr. Erich Wieland (PSI)
    Dr. Steve Williams (NDA-RWMD)
    Dr. Roger Yearsley (EA)

For general enquiries, contact details can be found here.